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August 2017 Archives

A Santa Fe woman sues the Isotopes for a baseball strike injury

A Santa Fe woman has filed an injury claim against the Albuquerque Isotopes baseball organization. In the woman's lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, Aug 16, she alleges that the club failed to take necessary precautions to protect her safety while attending a baseball games at their facility. The woman was struck by a foul ball while watching a game in 2014.

A Las Cruces oncologist is accused of medical malpractice

The New Mexico Medical Board suspended the medical license of an oncologist based out of Las Cruces on July 7. In seizing his medical license, the board cited a number of complaints that had been waged against the former New Hope Cancer Center doctor. He's been accused of not responding to patient medical records requests and of failing to render proper care of his patients.

Tractor-trailers add many dangers to New Mexico highways

If someone were to ask you to give examples of driving situations that may terrify you, one of the first things that comes to your mind might include a tractor-trailer barreling alongside or behind you on the highway. Seeing one of these massive machines fast-approaching in your rear view mirror is enough to make your blood pressure soar, not to mention the panic that sets in if there's heavy traffic in the area and you aren't able to safely move to another lane.

Why distracted driving accidents have reached an all-time high

Distracted driving that can be blamed on our use of those mini computers we call cellphones has become a major cause of car crashes during the past decade. And, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this type of distracted driving has resulted in the highest percentage increase in fatal car crashes in more than 50 years.

How liability is determined in premises liability cases

When someone enters a property, whether it is a public business or a private home, there is a reasonable expectation that one can move about it safely without being injured. It's the duty of both the property owner and/or tenant to keep a property maintained to minimize any risk of injury.

Hard-hitting facts about spinal injuries from car accidents

It all happened so fast. On the other hand, it seemed to happen in slow motion. The other vehicle came out of nowhere and T-boned or rear-ended you, and since that day, you haven't felt quite right. Maybe there is some tingling in your hands or numbness in your legs. A doctor may have checked you out when paramedics took you to the hospital, but days later, new symptoms appeared, and you are concerned.