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Fight to recover your losses after losing a limb in an accident

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries. Sometimes, New Mexico victims may only suffer minor injuries, but there are times in which a victim could suffer an injury that may change his or her life forever. This is true when an accident leads to a traumatic amputation, which is the loss of a limb or appendage.

Whether you lost your smallest toe or an entire limb, the loss will be painful, and the impact will be extensive. If you suffered this type of serious, life-altering injury, you do not have to suffer alone. If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless actions of another person, you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation.

The impact of a traumatic amputation 

There are cases in which it is possible to reattach the lost limb. In these circumstances, loss of function or mobility could be an issue, even if a doctor reattaches the limb. No matter how severe the injury or part of the body affected, some of the most common effects of traumatic amputation include the following:

  • Infection, perhaps spreading to other parts of the body
  • Bleeding and extensive blood loss
  • Shock to multiple systems of the body

In the immediate aftermath of the amputation, patients also find that they may experience issues that relate to trauma done to the surrounding tissue. Of course, pain can last for months, even years, and mobility can be a long-term concern.

If you are suffering from a traumatic amputation after an accident, you need immediate medical care. It is likely that you will need surgery and post-operative care. While there is nothing that can reverse what happened to you, skilled care in the immediate aftermath of the accident can lead to a better, more mobile future for you.

The high cost of a traumatic amputation 

If you lost a limb in an accident, you will require extensive medical care. The costs associated with the care you need can be prohibitive, but you may be able to recover some of your financial losses

Losing a limb or suffering extreme trauma to one part of your body because of the actions of another person is expensive and can change the course of your life. You may seek to hold liable parties accountable for your suffering, which you can do through a personal injury claim. By taking appropriate legal action, you can fight for your current needs and future care after a traumatic amputation.

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