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What are some of the more common types of workplace injuries?

Although it sounds a bit cliche when you hear it, it truly does take a village to get certain things done in the world. That even applies to keeping workers safe on the job.

While there are a number of precautions a worker can take to avoid becoming injured on the job, that's only one-half of the story. It's still possible for them to suffer injuries because either a co-worker or their employer fails to do his or her part to also protect them from harm.

One of the more common reasons workplace accidents happen is because a worker hasn't gotten enough rest. That individual's reduced responsiveness can result in him or her making delayed decisions. While this can result in him or her causing self-inflicted harm, it can also pose a danger to others. This is especially the case if the affected worker is operating a vehicle or some other type of heavy machinery.

It's the responsibility of our employers to keep common areas like hallways, bathrooms and break rooms well maintained. This includes keeping them well-lighted and free from any potential hazards such as liquids and cleaning solvents. It also means keeping floors free of debris that may cause us to slip, trip or fall. If you fall and get hurt on the job, then your employer may not have done enough to prevent it.

Our lives outside of the workplace are already stressful when we're dealing with health concerns, having problems with our spouse or kids or financial difficulties. Being subjected to getting work done on tight deadlines, dealing with co-workers and other expectations in the workplace can only make things worse.

In some cases, if you employer sees that you're overwhelmed, yet doesn't step in to intervene, he or she may be liable for a stroke, heart attack or high blood pressure you happen to get diagnosed with.

These three instances capture some of the more common types of workplace injuries that occur. Employees working with heavy machinery or among vehicles risk being crushed or collided into. Warehouse workers risk things falling over on top of them or back pain from lifting. Workers in other professions risk being exposed to hazardous chemicals and developing repetitive movement injuries.

If you've been injured on the job, then a Los Lunas workers' compensation attorney can advise you of eligibility for reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages in your case.

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