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Speeding drivers can cause catastrophic injuries

You might take every possible precaution behind the wheel, but this is no guarantee that you will be safe. All it takes is one dangerous driver to cause a severe accident, injuring you and putting you out of work.

While texting behind the wheel or driving while drunk are well-known as contributing factors in accidents, you might not realize just how serious other behaviors can be. While some drivers view driving over the posted speed limit as no big deal, it is a seriously dangerous behavior that could be putting you at risk.

Speeding kills just as much as alcohol.

Every year, car crashes caused by speeding kill innocent motorists. Between 2005 and 2014, over 112,000 people died in speed-related accidents. Despite these thousands of deaths, many New Mexico drivers do not feel the same stigma about speeding while driving that they do about drinking and driving.

Researchers are urging action against speeding, as a study found that a third of nationwide traffic fatalities were from speeding accidents. Approximately the same number of people die in alcohol-related accidents every year, making speeding just as deadly as drinking behind the wheel.

There may not be much that can stop speeders.

Although researchers have already established that increasing the speed also raises the risk of causing an accident, some states continue to raise speed limits to more accurately reflect the speed at which people drive. This is apparently to encourage all drivers to travel at roughly the same speeds on a given road, hopefully reducing accidents.

Unfortunately, real life data does not support this action. Instead, when states raise speed limits, drivers increase their rate of speed significantly and drive over the new posted limits.

Injured by a speeding driver? You deserve help.

You follow all the rules of the road and do your best to maintain awareness of the drivers around you, but nothing can truly protect you from a speeding driver. Injuries from these accidents are often severe, and many victims just like you are suddenly out of work and facing mountains of medical bills.

Catastrophic injuries can easily derail your life. On top of physical pain and suffering, you may also be struggling financially with lost wages. For most injury victims in New Mexico, personal injury suits are the most effective course of action for recovering injury-related compensation due to negligence. This type of legal recourse can help secure your finances as you recover.

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