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Valencia man sues Walgreens after he's given the wrong medicine

A Valencia, New Mexico, man has filed a lawsuit against an Espanola area Walgreens. The suit was filed in Santa Fe's District Court on Nov. 2. In the filing, the man alleges that the store sent him home with something other than the muscle relaxer he was prescribed by his doctor in 2014. He claims that whatever drug he was sent home with made him suicidal instead of relieving the pain he suffered after becoming involved in a car accident.

In his lawsuit, the man demands an unspecified amount of damages for medical costs he incurred related to his contemplation of shooting himself. He also asks for lost wages because he was too depressed to work. He notes that he experienced head trauma among other injuries related to the crash.

Although the man's accident that led to his need for a prescription muscle relaxer occurred in Aug. 2013, he seemingly didn't fill the prescription until more than a year later, in Nov. 2014.

The plaintiff asserts that the pharmacy employee mistakenly provided him with Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug that had been prescribed to a man by the same name. The plaintiff says that research has shown that the drug has evoked suicidal thoughts in those who have taken it. The plaintiff acknowledges that the pill bottle was labeled with the incorrect prescription's name.

If you've suffered an adverse reaction to a prescription drug, a New Mexico medical malpractice attorney can advise you regarding your legal options, including the potential for filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for costs and damages.

Source: The New Mexican, "Man sues Walgreens over wrong prescription; says drug made him attempt suicide," Steve Terrell, Nov. 03, 2017

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