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February 2018 Archives

When can you sue your gym for injuries you suffer there?

When asked to think of injuries someone may suffer at the gym, you may consider a barbell falling on top of someone or a muscle cramp. In most cases, the contract you sign to become a member of your gym protects them from being held liable for any injuries of the sort.

Spinal cord injuries due to car accidents can easily change lives

Many events can take place that have life-changing outcomes. In many cases, those events are positive ones, such as marriage or having a child. Unfortunately, in other instances, you could find yourself involved in a serious car accident that causes you to suffer injuries that change your life in numerous and difficult ways.

A $165 million award is reconfirmed in a fatal I-10 crash

A Las Cruces Appeals Court panel reaffirmed a lower court's decision to award $165 million in a 2011 wrongful death case on Tuesday, Feb. 6. The settlement had been awarded to the husband and the parents of a then 22-year-old mother and the couple's then 4-year-old daughter who were struck and killed by a FedEx driver.

Reckless driving habits should be abandoned to avoid a crash

Each year, an average of at least 35,000 Americans lose their lives on America's roadways according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Whether it be because of drunk, distracted, reckless or fatigued driving or lack of seat belt use, driver error is often what crash scene investigators determine caused a crash.

Underride guards can prevent fatal truck accidents

In 2011, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a study whereby their researchers took passenger cars and crashed into the rear portion of semitrucks in a simulated safety exercise. What was discovered by doing this is just how effective the trucks' underride guards, or metal bumpers, can be. In most cases, they protected motorists from becoming trapped under the tractor-trailers in rear-end crashes with them.