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You should be concerned when your health declines after a crash

When you're involved in a car accident and police are summoned to the scene, they tend to ask all parties involved if they are injured and need an ambulance. In more catastrophic collisions, it may be clear that an unconscious or severely battered motorist needs assistance, but other injuries may seem relatively minor at the forefront.

Whiplash injuries generally appear either immediately after or in the days following a car crash but can linger as long as six weeks, even if you are seen by a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Some of the more common soft tissue injuries that develop in the days following a car crash are back, shoulder or neck pain, headaches and abdominal discomfort or tenderness.

At least 75 percent of all individuals involved in rear-end crashes suffer discomfort in their lower back post-accident. As many as 50 percent of those involved in side-impact collisions experience the same. Improvement in your condition is a good sign. If you health declines, then it may be a sign that you tore a ligament or muscle, suffered a fracture or herniated disc or have a pinched nerve.

Whiplash injuries most often occur when motorists are struck from the rear. The motorist who strikes you doesn't have to be traveling at a fast rate of speed to severely injure you either. A driver can traveling as slow as 13 mph can cause a lot of damage. If your pain persists for an extended period of time, then a doctor may order a CT scan, X-ray or MRI to more properly diagnose you.

Headaches that occur immediately following a car crash may be caused by stress or a mild concussion. Ones that don't subside may indicate that you suffered a far more serious head or neck injury, that there's a blood clot on your brain or that you're suffered a profound concussion.

Abdominal swelling or pain accompanied by dizziness, noticeable bruises or even fainting can indicate that internal bleeding is occurring. If left untreated, such a condition can be fatal.

In the days following your car crash, your symptoms will likely worsen before beginning to improve. If they don't, then you may want to revisit the doctor for a more thorough evaluation.

If you've suffered a serious, debilitating injury in an automobile crash, then a Los Lunas attorney can advise you of your right to sue.

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