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April 2018 Archives

Who do I sue for injuries or a death caused by a police chase?

You've heard the cases on the news. Police attempt to pull over a motorist for what's supposed to be a minor traffic infraction. Instead of stopping, the motorist takes off at a fast rate of speed through a residential neighborhood or busy city streets.

How can you avoid becoming involved in a car crash?

As we're prepared to get our driver's permits and then licenses as teens, we all likely spent significant time reading over driving laws and tips and then taking driver's education for practical experience. Our defensive driving skills decline over the years, though, leaving us vulnerable to becoming involved in car crashes.

Bicycle safety tips may help you on the road

As someone who has recently become interested in cycling, you may have much to learn. While learning to ride a bicycle is something most individuals do as a child, you could still benefit from understanding certain safety tips and tricks that could help you as you bike, especially if you plan to ride on or near roadways.

Who's subject to hours of service regulations?

When truck accidents occur, perhaps one of the first things law enforcement will ask as part of their investigation into what occurred is to review the driver's logbook. This is especially the case in more serious types of incidents where another motorist may suffer either serious injuries or die.