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Who can you sue if you're struck and injured by flying debris?

How many times have you been driving down the road behind a truck with loose debris hanging off its trailer? If it flies off, it's likely that it ends up strewn about the streets. It might even strike your car and cause damage. In some rare cases, this can cause you to suffer injuries.

If you've been hurt, you may wonder who you can hold financially responsible for your injuries. There's no one simple response to the question. There are many different hazards that may enter our paths as drivers that cause damage our vehicle. Potholes and animals are two such hazards.

If debris falls off of a truck because the driver strikes an unforeseen hazard, then you may not be eligible to hold the owner of the truck liable for any damages that occur.

However, if the trucker doesn't either yield to or come into contact with a known hazard, then you may be able to hold both the truck's driver and owner liable for damages to both you and your vehicle.

While most jurisdictions' laws are written to require those driving commercial vehicles to take a look around their vehicles to take note of any potential objects that may fall from it during, few drivers do. Few companies who own the vehicles step in to demand that their employees perform routine inspections.

There are far too many stories of clumped-on mud, heavy tools or equipment and metal siding falling off a truck and striking a nearby motorist. This is often the reason why lawsuits get filed against both the commercial driver and the company when events such as this occur.

If you've been struck and seriously hurt by debris that's fallen off of someone else's vehicle, then a Los Lunas truck accident attorney can advise you about your right to recover medical costs and other expenses you've amassed.

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