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You have the Right to See Your Own Doctor When Injured Whether at Work, in a Automobile Collision or in a Personal Injury Claim.

It can be difficult to know what to do after an injury. Those responsible do not want to take responsibility, so they downplay the injuries or ignore them. This is a mistake, as you should always get medical attention and a formal diagnosis of your injuries as soon as possible after a accident. Doing so can help preserve your rights and seeking medical help.

The question then arises: which doctor do you see? First, if you have a serious injury and need immediate treatment, you should go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care. Call 911 if you believe you need attention at the accident site or ambulance transport. After you receive emergency care, go see your primary healthcare provider.

Choosing a Doctor

For follow-up or non-emergency care, if it’s a on the job injury check with your employer about selecting a doctor. Some employers will allow you to see your own doctor from the start, though other employers may select a doctor for you initially. However, if your employer chooses your doctor, you have the right to switch and begin seeing your own doctor after 60 days of treatment. In all other cases see your primary doctor you can use your health insurance to cover the treatment.

The Importance of Your Doctor Choice

Choose a doctor who is going to treat your injuries. There are several ways you can do this, including:

  • Have the doctor the severity of your injuries

  • Diagnosis of the injury

  • Providing you the necessary medical care

  • Not rushing the treatment

  • Following the treatment prescribed

The doctor is supposed to be unbiased, though these doctors know what the insurance company wants to hear. You may not get all of the treatment if you only see a doctor of your employer’s choice or a doctor’s office not providing you with care and treatment to help you get better.

You should be able to trust your own doctor to recommend the right treatment and support the need for this treatment in your medical records. Your doctor’s priority is your health and not the insurance company. You should always discuss your right to choose a doctor with an experienced New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney.

Speak with a New Mexico Personal Injury Attorney about Your Injuries

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