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Rights After Accident with Uninsured Driver

What are Your Rights after Getting Hit and Injured by an Uninsured Driver?

Like all of the 50 states, New Mexico requires every driver to have a minimum amount of car insurance. If authorities learn that the driver does not have the necessary insurance coverage, the New Mexico Mandatory Financial Responsibility Act allows the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) to fully suspend their vehicle registration. The law requires uninsured drivers to submit their license plates and registration within ten days after receiving their notice of suspension. If they keep driving, they can face criminal charges and penalties.

Despite these very clear and strict laws, it is incredible how many drivers allow their coverage to lapse and continue driving. Not only are they risking criminal problems, but they can make life very difficult for others if they cause a crash and serious injuries. If you suffer injuries in an accident with an uninsured driver, what are your rights?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

New Mexico does not require drivers to purchase uninsured motorist (UM) coverage, but it is always a great idea to do so. If you get injured by an uninsured motorist, your UM coverage should provide benefits up to your policy limits for the following:

● Medical expenses, including emergency care, hospitalization, doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and more.

● Lost income if you had to miss work due to your injuries

● Pain and suffering

● Other expenses resulting from your injuries

Make sure your uninsured motorist policy covers those items. If you pay premiums for uninsured motorist insurance, you should expect your insurance company to simply pay a claim for an accident with an uninsured driver. That is what your coverage exists for. Unfortunately, many people learn the hard way that the process of obtaining the insurance settlement you deserve can be much more difficult than you ever imagined.

Legal Representation for UM Insurance Claims

Having legal representation for a UM claim can often greatly improve the outcome. David C. Chavez Law Firm knows and understands how to deal with uninsured motorist coverage and can help with the following and more:

● Providing evidence to support the fault of the uninsured driver

● Proving the full extent of your past and future losses

● Identifying when a settlement offer is too low and fighting for a higher offer

Discuss Your Best Options with David C. Chavez Law Firm, recognized as a Top 10 Top 100 Trial Attorneys in the County

David C. Chavez Law Firm, knows how insurance companies work, and we do not back down when it comes to our clients’ interests. If you suffered injuries due to an uninsured driver, you should not wait to call to learn about your rights and how we can help you or your loved ones find out the insurance coverage available on your claim. Call 505-865-9696 or contact us online right away for a free consultation.

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