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Have You Been Injured by a Tesla on Autopilot?

In recent years, Tesla has introduced self-driving vehicles on our roads. Self-driving technology eliminates a human to be in control of the vehicle relying on the Earth based GPS satellites as the autopilot. Tesla technology is included in many of the manufacturer’s vehicle models.

When the autopilot system on a Tesla malfunctions, tragic accidents and injuries can result.

Tesla Autopilot Accidents

There are several instances of Tesla autopilot systems malfunctioning and causing crashes. One driver claimed his autopilot failed and caused his Tesla Model S - which was traveling

80 miles per hour - to crash into a stopped vehicle. He claims the system failed to detect the stationary car and slow down to a stop, which caused him to sustain severe and permanent injuries.

Another family claims that one family member died when the autopilot feature did not detect a truck that was running a red light. While the driver of the truck might be to blame for running the red light, Tesla should also be partially liable since its autopilot feature did not avoid the crash as it should have. There have also been additional cases involving

 fatalities when the autopilot feature did not prevent a crash.

Product Liability Claims Against Tesla

In most car accident cases, you file a claim with the insurance company of another driver, and you must show that driver acted negligently to cause the crash. However, when vehicle technology malfunctions and leads to a crash, victims must seek compensation by filing a product liability claim against Tesla. This claim must prove that the technology that caused the crash malfunctioned due to a manufacturing or design defect.

Tesla has acknowledged that user error can also lead to accidents. “Autopilot” does not mean that a driver can completely check out or fall asleep while the car is moving. Instead, drivers are expected to pay attention in case they need to intervene. However, there have been claims that Tesla has not made this requirement and driver instructions and warnings

clear enough, should also lead to liability on the part of the company.

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