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Have You or a Loved One Suffered a Tragic Injury from an Automobile Roof Failure in a Recent Car Accident?

Vehicles are required to be manufactured to not only keep motorists safe while driving, but also to maximize protections in the event of a crash. This includes rollover crashes, which can be some of the most deadly. To combat fatalities in rollover accidents, many vehicles are manufactured with roll bars or cages and reinforced roofs to prevent the roof of the car or SUV from collapsing as the car rolls.

However, many vehicles are not properly manufactured with roofs that can support the vehicle’s weight as it rolls. Roll bars and cages can fail, putting all the pressure on the vehicle roof, which can then collapse. The risk of a roof failure is particularly high with larger vehicles like pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs, though they can happen with any vehicle.

What Happens When an Automobile Roof Collapses?

Violent impacts and crashes wreak havoc on the human body. When the frame of the vehicle collapses - in a rollover accident - the threat of traumatic injuries becomes significantly higher. When the roof of a car fails, some common injuries include:

  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Crush injuries
  • Shattered bones
  • Compound fractures
  • Facial injuries

These catastrophic injuries will often cause permanent impairments, such as cognitive disabilities or paralysis, that will alter the rest of a victim’s life.

Why Automobile Roofs Collapse

There are different reasons why the roof of a vehicle might fail and collapse when the vehicle rolls over. For example, the pillars that provide support for the roof might not be strong enough to withstand the impact of a rollover. When the weight of the vehicle ends up on the roof, the pillars might collapse, causing the roof to be crushed. These support pillars might also be installed in the wrong place instead of where they should be for optimal support. The materials used to make the roof itself might also be inadequate and lead the roof failure.

While something else - such as another driver, road hazard, or tire blowout - might have caused the initial rollover, your injuries might be significantly worse if the roof collapses. The vehicle manufacturer should be accountable for their degree of responsibility for selling a vehicle with an inadequate roof. Call us to evaluate your claim, even if you were at fault for the rollover collision and/or accident.

It can be difficult to prove why the roof collapsed and how exactly it was defective, as this can be a highly technical matter and require analysis from automotive experts. It is important to have a law firm handling your case that has the resources to prove complex product liability claims, such as those involving defective motor vehicles.

“YOU MUST PRESERVE, KEEP OR RETAIN THE VEHICLE THAT HAS ROOF FAILURE. IF YOU DO NOT, YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLAIM.” We have an automotive crash facility located near Dallas, Texas with leading crash experts in the country to analyze the vehicle for defects.

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