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Products That are Unsafe Such as Powerful Magnets Children Can Ingest That Can Cause Injuries

There are many ways that defective products can cause serious injuries to consumers. When that happens, recalls may be issued, and these products are commonly removed from the market. 

One such case of a defective product that has caused serious injuries to consumers is Zen Magnets. Magnet ingestion – and the injuries that result – are unfortunately not anything new. In one case that involved a nine-year-old child, the child ingested the magnets that actually created intestinal holes. Once that happened, doctors had to surgically remove the magnets from the child’s system. 

Many of these strong magnets are used in novelty desk toys that are marketed to adults. However, some parents buy these colorful products and their children may accidentally swallow them, thinking that they’re candy or some other food. Also, if a child swallows two or more of these magnets together, the magnets may pinch together and cause the child to suffer one or more serious internal injuries, which may result in surgery.

Recalls for Dangerous Products 

In response to these injuries (not to mention deaths) such as from high-powered magnets, recalls have been issued. Magnet companies have also been forced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to place warning labels on the front of packaging materials, letting the consumer know that the product should not be purchased for or used by a young child. However, the strength of these magnets has not decreased, and the warnings have done little to stop consumers from buying them and suffering injuries. 

Ways that Products Can be Defective

There are many ways that products can be defective. In some instances, a defect in the manufacturing process causes the product to malfunction when a consumer uses it in the proper manner. At other times, the product is defectively designed, and all products stemming from that design might malfunction as a result as an example. In the case of high-powered magnets, however, the defect often comes from a failure to adequately warn consumers about the dangers associated with the product. 

Some products on the market are inherently dangerous. If a company fails to warn of these risks, and this lack of warnings leads to injuries, the company should be held accountable for all harm caused. 

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