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Are Pipe Line or Well Gas Explosions Common in New Mexico?

Generally speaking, the industry surrounding natural gas is well regulated by the United States Occupational Health and Safety Administration, commonly known as OSHA. Nevertheless, explosions that occur along pipelines are still relatively common, throughout the United States and have happened in New Mexico. There are several reasons why these explosions can happen, including human error and negligence. 

When gas line explosions occur, accident victims can suffer serious injuries, including burn injuries traumatic head injuries and death. These injuries can also lead to the need for life long medical care and treatment, as well as pain, suffering, scarring, other compensatory damages, and punitive damages as well. 

If you have suffered an injury in a pipe well gas explosion, call now The Law Firm of David C. Chavez to speak to us about the issue concerning a pipe or well gas explosion. Our legal team will work to investigate the cause of your explosion and who was responsible. We can assist you with pursuing a personal injury claim for the monetary compensation and damages that were suffered. We hire the top experts in the U.S. to provide expert opinion on the cause of the explosion.

Common Causes of Pipe Well Gas Explosions

There are several common causes of pipe well gas explosions, one such cause is the improper installation of pipelines by technicians. These individuals are responsible for installing pipelines and welding them properly in order to ensure that there are no gas leaks that could lead to an explosion. Emergency shut-off valves must also be installed. When sufficient care is not given to proper pipeline installation, tragic accidents and injuries can result. 

In addition, improper excavation work can cause dents and punctures in gas pipelines. If enough of these occur, gas can leak out and potentially cause an explosion under the right conditions. Although a gas company may be responsible for poor excavation work, a construction company could also be liable if it failed to follow regulations and locate pipelines before starting to dig. 

Another potential cause of a pipe well gas explosion is when a gas company fails to respond to a customer complaint about a gas leak within an adequate and timely manner. Gas companies are responsible for immediately responding to these types of complaints to ensure that further damage is not done.

Finally, maintenance lapses can lead to gas leaks and explosions. Gas pipelines, service lines, joints, and meters all age over time, and it becomes necessary to inspect, repair, and replace these components at regular intervals. When gas companies or others fail to adhere to a strict maintenance schedule, gas leaks can occur that ultimately cause explosions result in tragic injury. 

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