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Before a Surgery, Ask the Surgeon about Concurrent Surgeries

Having any type of surgery is a nerve-wracking experience - even if it’s a “routine” procedure. The truth of the matter is that no surgery is routine from the perspective of a patient, and every time you have surgery you are literally putting your life in the hands of the surgeon performing the procedure and his or her medical team.

Ways in which you can avoid falling victim to medical malpractice

A lot of us think of hospitals as a place we go to receive treatment from competent professionals in order feel better. Few of us expect to go there only for our health to decline, resulting in pain and suffering, as well as permanent injury or death.

How do midwives help to reduce pregnancy or birth complications?

Throughout many parts of Europe, midwives are responsible for delivering at least half of all babies born so that obstetricians can be freed up to focus their attention on more high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. In other countries like New Zealand and Canada, midwives are relied upon to manage particularly complex pregnancies and births.

Why being conscious of time is critical when scheduling a surgery

When it comes to complications that can arise out of a surgical procedure, they can occur for a number of reasons. It may be the first time that the operation is ever being performed or that the surgeon is trying out a new technique. The surgeon may be tired or under stress either at home or in the workplace. You may have also simply scheduled your surgery too late in the day.

Valencia man sues Walgreens after he's given the wrong medicine

A Valencia, New Mexico, man has filed a lawsuit against an Espanola area Walgreens. The suit was filed in Santa Fe's District Court on Nov. 2. In the filing, the man alleges that the store sent him home with something other than the muscle relaxer he was prescribed by his doctor in 2014. He claims that whatever drug he was sent home with made him suicidal instead of relieving the pain he suffered after becoming involved in a car accident.

'Standard of care:' How doctors must treat their patients

In the eyes of the law, doctors are expected to provide patients with a certain standard of care. The type of treatment they're expected to provide patients is intended to be consistent across doctor's working in the same community, under the same set of circumstances and with the same degree of expertise or skill.

A Farmington couple sues a doctor for their child's birth injury

A Farmington, New Mexico, couple filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on July 20 in the district court in Albuquerque. They have accused both the medical center where their daughter was born and the physician who delivered her of having caused her brain to hemorrhage, resulting in permanent injuries.

A Las Cruces oncologist is accused of medical malpractice

The New Mexico Medical Board suspended the medical license of an oncologist based out of Las Cruces on July 7. In seizing his medical license, the board cited a number of complaints that had been waged against the former New Hope Cancer Center doctor. He's been accused of not responding to patient medical records requests and of failing to render proper care of his patients.

Low-risk pregnant moms and C-section complications

During the past 20 years, there's been a marked increased in the number of mothers receiving C-sections. In fact, some estimates suggest that as much as one in every three births are cesarean ones. Perhaps even more alarming is that, as the rate of C-sections in this country has increased, so too has the country's maternal mortality rates.