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Determining liability in slip-and-fall cases is not always clear

Someone spills a drink on the tile floor of a grocery store and you walk right into the puddle of liquid without noticing it. Or maybe a staircase you take after leaving your doctor's visit is poorly lit and you slip and fall all the way down a full flight of stairs. If you suffer injuries in one of these types of instances, you may want to hold the property's owner liable for your mounting medical costs and lost wages.

New Mexico hunting ranch guides accused of not protecting guests

Two New Mexico hunting guides, along with a Presidio County, Texas hunting ranch, have all been sued for negligence by a Florida chiropractor. The plaintiff is suing them collectively for $1 million after he was shot as he slept in his motorhome along the United States-Mexican border on the evening of January 6, 2017.

When can you sue your gym for injuries you suffer there?

When asked to think of injuries someone may suffer at the gym, you may consider a barbell falling on top of someone or a muscle cramp. In most cases, the contract you sign to become a member of your gym protects them from being held liable for any injuries of the sort.

When am I eligible to sue my landlord for illnesses or injuries?

Landlords have a responsibility to keep the properties that they own and rent out free of potential health hazards. It also is their responsibility to ensure that the place they're renting is up to current housing codes also. If they fail to do this, and some serious illness or injury results from their negligence, then they can be held liable for paying any medical bills, lost wages and other expenses the injured party may amass.

Who can I hold responsible for my slip and fall accident?

When slip and fall accidents occur on someone else's property, it's possible to hold the owner financially responsible for paying any medical bills for injuries that you may occur. Whether you're able to do so depends largely on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A Santa Fe woman sues the Isotopes for a baseball strike injury

A Santa Fe woman has filed an injury claim against the Albuquerque Isotopes baseball organization. In the woman's lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday, Aug 16, she alleges that the club failed to take necessary precautions to protect her safety while attending a baseball games at their facility. The woman was struck by a foul ball while watching a game in 2014.

How liability is determined in premises liability cases

When someone enters a property, whether it is a public business or a private home, there is a reasonable expectation that one can move about it safely without being injured. It's the duty of both the property owner and/or tenant to keep a property maintained to minimize any risk of injury.

How to Obtain Compensation from a Premises Liability Case

When you think of premises liability, it's probably the one thing that every property owner must uphold whenever guests visit their premises. Whether it's a grocery store or office building, each property owner is obligated by law to protect visitors and employees from various forms of hazards that can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. When you walk into a retail store, it's a general opinion that every precaution has been taken to protect you from danger. This translates that such proprietors have gone above and beyond to warn guests of potential hazards, or better yet provide them with protective equipment.