Dangers of Distracted Truck Drivers on Cell Phones

Cell phones are powerful and excellent tools that keep us in touch with our loved ones on the go. This can be especially important for drivers who are constantly on the road and away from loved ones. However, using a phone while driving a commercial truck can cause serious injuries to others, including death. Driving distracted is driving deadly.

The distracted driving problem is getting so entrenched that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 10 percent of all crashes on U.S. roads involve distracted driving, causing over 3,000 deaths yearly. The NHTSA also says that five percent of all truck drivers use handheld cell phones while driving.

The  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also says that it only takes four seconds to cause an accident. For instance, a truck traveling at 55 mph can drive the length of a football field while the driver is sending or reading a text on a smartphone. You can imagine how much damage a driver will cause during that 100-yard stretch? Unfortunately, some people learn this firsthand and suffer devastating injuries or death.

Drivers may use smartphones to dial, receive calls, or even send text messages while driving. Some calls might involve their jobs, such as calling dispatch or mapping out the upcoming destination. Other calls or texts might be to family or friends. Either way, distracted truck driving is deadly.

While you cannot go back in time and stop the collision from occurring, you can do something to take action and secure justice from the at-fault party that injured you. Contact an experienced Los Lunas truck accident attorney for help. David C. Chavez at (505) 865- 9696, is a Top 10, Top 100 and Super Lawyer experienced in tragic injury cases.

The Law Is on Your Side

The law is on your side if a reckless and distracted driver injures you. In January 2012, the FMCSA banned all truck drivers from using their mobile devices while driving. The law compels truck drivers:

  • Not to hold, dial, or reach for handheld cell phones while driving
  • Not to use mobile phones unless they pull their trucks to the roadside or where the trucks remain still
  • To use hands-free mobile devices like earpieces

All violating drivers lose their CDL (commercial driver's license) following two or more serious traffic offenses. They also pay a $3,685 fine, with their employers paying a fine not exceeding $14,739. If the truck driver is convicted of violating the regulations, you automatically have a strong legal basis for liability for your losses. Always have the help of an experienced New Mexico Truck Accident Lawyer The Law Firm of David C. Chavez (505) 865- 9696 who understands how federal trucking regulations can come into play in your claim.

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