Improperly Loaded Trucks

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The reason we see so many large tractor-trailers on the highways is that our economy requires the regular transportation and delivery of a wide variety of goods across the country. Companies and industries rely on large commercial trucks to move many types of materials. Commercial vehicles are already risky as they are so much larger than other passenger vehicles on the road. However, they become significantly more dangerous when the cargo is improperly loaded.

Driver error, such as distracted driving, is not always the culprit of truck crashes, as improper loading causes accidents and injuries on a regular basis in New Mexico. David C. Chavez Law Firm knows how to identify the highly technical causes of truck crashes and hold those responsible to be fully accountable for your injuries and losses. Contact the office today to learn about your rights and our legal services.

Cargo Loading Mistakes

It is vital to the safe operation of a semi-truck that the cargo is properly loaded and secured. In fact, this is so important that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has strict regulations regarding cargo securement. Despite the clear rules, cargo can be improperly loaded in many ways, including:

Overloading - It may be tempting to overfill a truck to save costs. However, this may push a truck over its maximum weight limit, which makes it difficult - or impossible - for the driver to slow down or stop when they need to.

Inadequate securement - Each type of cargo needs to be secured in a different and specific manner. When cargo is not properly secured, it can shift around inside the trailer while the truck is in motion. This can throw the entire trailer off balance, often leading to a jackknife accident or a rollover.

Liquid cargo - Tanker trucks haul liquids, such as water, fuel, or even toxic chemicals. If liquid cargo is underloaded, it can slosh around in the tank and result in a serious rollover or another type of crash. If harmful or flammable chemicals are loaded improperly, a cargo spill could be devastating for an entire region.

Who is Responsible?

Cargo loading teams should be properly trained regarding any type of cargo they work with, and if they are not, they can make careless mistakes. If loading teams are in a rush, they can skip important safety steps, and it can lead to accidents. The liable parties for cargo-related accidents can vary, as these teams may be employed by the trucking company or the company selling the cargo that is being shipped. The Law Firm of David C. Chavez is a highly skilled truck accident law firm to assist you.

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