Improperly Loaded Cargo Can Cause Tragic Injury

Cargo-related deaths and injuries account for four percent of all truck accidents in the US: Cargo-related factors have a higher relative risk (56.3%) than all other factors causing truck accidents. That means that improperly loaded cargo may not be too common, but its accident-causing potential is the highest when the cargo shifts. Moreover, these accidents cause severe damages, injuries, and deaths.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed from an incident involving an incident involving an improper loaded cargo case you or loved ones have the right to file a personal injury claim for damages. You want to have an established New Mexico truck accident attorney to evaluate your rights. Call now The Law Firm of David C. Chavez at (505) 865-9696 For a comprehensive review of your case.

The Dangers of Improperly Loaded Cargo in Los Lunas, NM

Improperly loaded cargo can cause disastrous accidents. Some of the possible dangers are:

  • Cargo could cause truck drivers to lose control and drift into other lanes, causing destruction, injuries, and possible deaths;
  • Trucks on which improperly loaded cargo shifts could roll over or skid, hitting other motorists and pedestrians;
  • Trucks could have improperly secured cargo spill out on the road, causing accidents. For instance, hazardous and slippery materials could spill on the road and cause other vehicles to crash.

Common Causes of Improperly Loaded Cargo Accidents

Accidents that improperly loaded cargo cause result from various causes. Below are some of the common reasons for cargo shifting or falling off trucks. 

  • Loaders or drivers load the cargo incorrectly before trips.
  • Overloading trucks. 
  • Uneven weight distribution that causes trucks to lose balance during transportation. 
  • Poor cargo bracing and blocking.
  • Using weak or undersized/oversized tie-downs.
  • Using poor securement systems and incorrectly attaching tie-downs to trucks.
  • Loading cargo in a way that obscures the driver’s sight.
  • Not checking the cargo during transportation.
  • Violating any cargo securement rules.

Often, these cases involve claims against multiple parties at once. Our experienced legal team knows how to handle these complex cases against truck drivers and corporations. Call The Law Firm of David C. Chavez at (505) 865-96966 for a evaluation of the case.

Who Can You Hold Accountable and Responsible for the Injuries From Improperly Loaded Cargo?

Once our law firm evaluates your case to determine that the accident was someone else’s fault and you have the right to damages. Some of the possible parties that might be responsible for the injuries, deaths, or other resulting damages:

  • A trucking company for which the truck driver works. You can take on the company due to vicarious liability or because it didn’t train its drivers or loaders to load cargo correctly. 
  • A third-party loading or unloading crew that works for another company.
  • A shipping company that hired the truck driver to ship the improperly loaded cargo. 
  • The truck driver, if they fail to meet their legal obligation to keep checking the cargo to ensure it’s secure. 

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