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Standing Up for Your Rights after a Serious Pedestrian Injury

Many people in New Mexicoare pedestrians at some point on an average day. Whether you are crossing at a crosswalk, using a sidewalk, or walking through a parking lot, being in the vicinity of traffic puts you at the risk of an incident with a motor vehicle. We see headlines about pedestrian accidents in the news on a regular basis, often involving severe injuries or fatalities. While you can practice pedestrian safety, you cannot control the actions of drivers, and a pedestrian crash could happen to you.

If you or a loved have been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, you should discuss your rights and options with a highly experienced trial personal injury lawyer at David C. Chavez Law Firm immediately. We can evaluate whether you have the right to compensation for your injury-related losses and represent your rights as an accident victim.

Serious Injuries to Pedestrians

Motorists in cars have seat belts, airbags, and other safety features to protect them from injuries in a collision. Pedestrian walking or jogging, motorcyclists, and bicyclists have limited equipment to protect them from head trauma and brain injuries. The average pedestrians has zero protections when they get hit by a 3,000-pound moving vehicle. and will suffer life-changing injuries in an accident. The situation becomes substantially more dangerous when a pedestrian accident involves a large commercial truck, some weighing as much as ten tons.

Pedestrians often suffer multiple traumatic injuries in a single accident, which can include:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Spinal cord injury

Neck and back injuries

Compound fractures

Broken ribs or pelvis

Facial injuries

Crush injuries of the limbs


Internal organ damage

Most pedestrians require emergency medical treatment and a lengthy recovery time after an incident with an automobile. Some pedestrians never fully recover from their injuries and may deal with permanent disabilities, impairments, and disfigurement. Accident victims deserve full compensation from negligent drivers for their:

Medical bills

Lost income

Future losses

Pain and suffering

Mental trauma

Wrongful death


Loss of enjoyment of life

Loss of household services

Liability for Your Losses from a Pedestrian Accident

When a driver of a car or truck is negligent and/or grossly negligent and injures a pedestrian, that driver and their insurer should be held fully accountable for all of the pedestrians injury-related losses. Some common forms of negligence that lead to liability include:

Distracted driving (this is the most common cause of pedestrian crashes)

Drunk driving


Running red lights

Disobeying traffic signals or failing to yield at crosswalks

Aggressive driving

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