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With Uber and Lyft providing millions of rides every day, injury-causing accidents are inevitable. If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a ride-sharing driver, you have important legal rights. Uber and Lyft accidents can involve unique insurance and legal issues, but you should always realize that David C. Chavez Law Firm is here to stand up for your rights. The firm regularly represents injured car accident victims throughout New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Los Lunas, and Albuquerque. They can be the advocates that you need after you've been hurt in an accident.

Protecting Your Rights to Compensation

You should be able to trust that Uber and Lyft drivers will always drive carefully and get their riders to their destinations safely. Of course, this does not always happen, as people are injured in serious ride-sharing accidents every day. Some causes of Uber or Lyft accidents include:

While Uber and Lyft are supposed to only hire safe and reliable drivers, this does not always happen, and drivers can engage in negligence and misconduct that leads to passenger injuries. When a rideshare driver causes a crash and injuries, injured victims should recover every cent of their accident-related losses.

Getting compensation from Uber or Lyft is no simple task, however. The good news is that with the right car accident attorneys on your side, you can receive the full amount you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Our firm understands how to handle the most complex car accident cases, even if it means filing insurance claims against large companies such as Uber or Lyft. These companies have insurance policies to cover injuries caused by negligent drivers, and anyone injured in a rideshare crash deserves full payment under this coverage. This includes passengers, other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. After a crash , you need an Uber and Lyft accident lawyer who knows how to deal with difficult insurance companies to make sure you get the settlement you need to cover all your losses.

The experienced Lyft and Uber accident lawyers are aggressive advocates for their clients during the insurance process or during a personal injury lawsuit. They regularly obtain compensation for clients with catastrophic and life-changing injuries, as well as for families who have lost loved ones in a car accident.

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If you suffered injuries in an Uber or Lyft crash, your first call should be to David C. Chavez Law Firm. These attorneys will provide zealous representation throughout every step of the legal process until you receive the full compensation you need to cover your losses. For an idea of how the firm has helped clients around the State of New Mexico, take a look at past case results here To discuss how the firm can help you in your specific situation, call 505-865-9696 or send an email to set up your free consultation.

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