Injuries Caused by Vehicle Design Safety Standard Failures Are Commonly Over Looked

Safety is a main concern of drivers, so it is an important focus for auto manufacturers. Even with all the accident prevention technology possible, however, traffic collisions are still going to happen, and motorist protection in the event of an accident is just as important as prevention efforts. When auto manufacturers sell vehicles that do not meet design safety standards, they might be liable for serious injuries and losses that result. If you believe your vehicle did not keep you safe in a crash, you should discuss your situation with an experienced New Mexico Attorney who knows and understands vehicle damage defects.

Side Impact Stability

Side-impact crashes are particularly risky for vehicle occupants. However, some manufacturers might design passenger vehicles that do not live up to these standards, putting people at unnecessary risk of injuries in a side-impact crash. In addition, a side impact can often lead to a rollover crash, and all vehicles should have adequate stability systems in place to prevent dangerous rollovers. 

Overall Design Flaws

Side impact safety and stability are far from the only design concerns from a vehicle safety standpoint. Several other types of design and manufacturing flaws can lead to crashes or to greater injuries in crashes, including:

  • Components that increase the risk of fires and explosions
  • Vehicles without adequate roll bars or cages
  • Vehicles that are unreasonably prone to rolling over
  • Using rust-prone materials that increase vehicle malfunctions
  • Unsafe airbags that cause greater injuries to occupants
  • Defective brake or steering systems

These flaws might pose the following problems:

  • Increasing the risk of a crash due to a malfunction
  • Decreasing occupant protection in the event of a crash

In either situation, corporations should be held accountable for selling vehicles that did not meet safety standards or that had inherent design flaws. We can make arrangements with you to immediately meet with you anywhere in the continental USA.


Inspections by a Safety Expert

It is imperative to have your vehicle inspected by our car safety experts as soon as possible following the crash. Before you get your vehicle repaired, contact The Law Firm of David C. Chavez, at 505-865-9696 so we can arrange for our experts to inspect your vehicle. This allows us to gather the evidence we need to prove that the vehicle manufacturer should be held at least partially liable for your injuries and losses. 

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Accident claims involving vehicle flaws and failure to meet safety standards are complicated matters. You want to have an experienced attorney for David C. Chavez Law Firm, on your side, as we have the resources to handle these types of cases. Contact us online or call 505-865-9696 for more information today. 

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