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November 2016 Archives

How doctor-patient confidentiality can cause a malpractice suit

When you go to meet with your doctor and discuss the conditions that may or may not be affecting you, you do so with confidence and calm. Why is that? Well, you know that your doctor is duty-bound to protect your medical information and secrets and you also know that the medical facilities you go to are expected to uphold that same secrecy. Could you imagine a medical system without such an understanding? It would be a nightmare. No one would trust their doctors out of fear of having their personal medical conditions told to other people, leaving them embarrassed.

Injured in a slip-and-fall? Consult a lawyer quickly.

Imagine a slip and fall incident, and take it at its most literal meaning. Say you just slip, and then fall. What's the likely outcome? You may sprain your ankle, cut your elbow, or something similar in nature to these injuries. But you may also suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones, strained muscles in your back or even worse. And the older the victim is, the more likely it is that they will suffer severe injuries.