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February 2017 Archives

An overview of the "no-zones" around a semi-truck, Part 1

All motor vehicles have, to some degree, "no-zones" (or blind-spots for passenger vehicles). These no-zones are responsible for a substantial portion of traffic collisions, including injuries and fatalities. No-zones are even more dangerous around semi-trucks because of their sheer size and speeds at which many accidents occur (i.e. on the highway). This post will go over how to identify two of the no-zones.

The basics of premises liability, Part 1

Premises liability is a variation of personal injury tort liability that focuses on injuries that occur on real property (i.e. land and buildings). Premises liability slightly modifies the traditional negligence analysis as it relates to property owners and the duties that they owe to a variety of different potential types of plaintiffs. This post will provide an overview of premises liability and the difference between it and traditional negligence.

What kind of injuries can you sustain in a car accident? Part 1

Car accidents are probably the most common accidents in the United States. There are hundreds of thousands of accidents a year, tens of thousands of serious injuries and thousands of deaths. Motor vehicle accidents are so prolific that there are entire government agencies, non-profits, and research facilities dedicated to reducing the number of car accidents. This post will go over the nature of the injuries you can incur in a motor vehicle accident and how it may impact your life moving forward.

Medical Malpractices in New Mexico: All You Need to Know

When healthcare providers or medical practitioners provide substandard treatment that leads to further injuries, there is a legal avenue that you can use to receive monetary compensation. However, the facility is not responsible for all the harm that you might suffer or less favorable outcomes resulting from the provision of a therapy. There are numerous forms of medical malpractice. These include:

  1. Mistakes in Treatment

How Medical Malpractice Can Affect You as a Patient

Medical malpractice is widely considered a grave offense across the U.S. In Los Lunas, New Mexico, a negligent doctor is liable to a hefty penalty or considerable jail time if found guilty by the courts. When you show up to a hospital for treatment, it is everyone’s expectation that you will receive high-quality medical services. Unfortunately, not all surgical procedures proceed as planned.